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 A  2 month old cheetah that I saw at Busch Gardens! <3 lol Happy Easter everyone!

Your Jigsaw
 Literally just wrote this really fast before bed. Kinda depressing but oh wellz. Planned on staying up and writing and talking to my new found LJ friends but guess that'll have to wait, anyways here is my random ametur poetry =P

It's that chisel of pressure that carves away at your heart
That sneaking doubt eating away at the confidence you've stored
Sleep isn't just a need anymore; you depend on it for escape
You try to embrace those memories of joy, those dreams that you could never afford

Brief pieces of happiness melt down to pain
Try and keep yourself going
Hold on tight before you are no longer sane

That everyday routine, constructed and learnt so well
It's falling apart like a jigsaw before your eyes
Each day is pathing out another new hell
This lifestyle soon becoming your demise

Losing yourself in tears each night, you tell  yourself this can't last
Then the sun rises and you're still drowning
Close friends take notice, but this only makes your heart close fast
Everyone's a stranger in your surrounding


Favorite Actors
 Can you name them all?!?! 


Does Hollywood need to stop making sequals to every movie?


Writer's Block: Born to do it
What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you think you'll ever get it?

The perfect job in my eyes is being a film actress. Mainly because I have a extreme love for movies (and film production in general) and a even more extreme love for acting. Any job that combines the two is nothing short of a dream. And yes, crazy I know, but I think one day I'm going to make it as a film actress. Pretty determined on doing so. 


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